Germany: A land of beer, chocolate and Englishmen.


When the average student finishes their time  at university the choices appear, to some extent, endless. For many of my fellow graduates the options were as follows: a.) enter a graduate scheme, b.) take a year out to continue a life of hedonism or c.) hurriedly apply for a scholarship so they can avoid a.) and hopefully continue b.) in safer surroundings. Having considered all these options I chose instead to take advantage of the E.U’s freedom of movement, or in other words steal the job of some hardworking German.

Eight months later I find myself teaching English to German business types and spending the majority of my time being continually confused by the wonderful land of Germany. This is due to one basic,one might say vital fact…I don’t speak German. Or, to be exact, I don’t speak fluent German. It would be impossible for me to live in a country that speaks a different language for me not to at least pick up some of the language by osmosis. Even so, the ability to recite word for word a German radio jingle or current advertising slogan has very little use when attempting to apply for health insurance or getting  bank account or indeed any of the basic tasks I would need to accomplish in the first few months of living here. Furthermore, it turns out that pronouncing every German word in a Geordie accent can actually be a bit of a problem, who knew???


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